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Good morning! Your local Cool Pools of Canberra shop services all your swimming pool and spa needs. We are Canberra’s longest-running pool stores with 30 years of industry experience.

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  • Maintenance and cleaning of your pool - servicing the Canberra Region
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Safely Light My Pool?

By installing pool lights, you can enjoy swimming at night and also have the flexibility to personalize the colour of your pool as per your preference with the help of LED lights. These lights, however, can create a sense of apprehension, due to the use of electricity right next to water - thankfully, Cool Pools can help calm your mind.

Pool lights, when installed correctly, are incredibly safe. In fact, modern, low voltage lights are considered virtually risk free. Pool lights must be installed during the construction of your pool and according to manufacturer instructions, to ensure the safety features are correctly configured. If the installation is not appropriately completed, the lighting system may continue to function, but it can allow electricity from unrelated electrical failures to enter the pool, causing harm to any occupants. Engaging a licensed electrician to guarantee the proper installation of your pool lights can mitigate this risk. When your pool lights are correctly installed, you'll be able to easily monitor anyone swimming after dark, which can help prevent any accidents from occurring. Proper installation of pool lights can contribute to the safe utilization of your pool.

Pool lights can be beneficial if you wish to utilize your pool during nighttime hours. If you'd like the professionals at Cool Pools to review your installation and ensure it is safe for you and your family, contact us on (02) 6288 4226.

Do Sunscreen And Stabiliser Do The Same Thing For Your Pool?

If you've heard our team talk about adding 'sunscreen' to your pool, they're actually talking about a chemical agent that protects your pool water from the sun's ultraviolet light corroding effect on Chlorine by bonding to the chlorine directly. Many people call this powdered chemical Stabiliser. After the addition of Stabiliser, the Chlorine is said to be 'stabilised' and thereby protected from the sun. If you've got any other questions about your pool care in Canberra or would like to learn more about how we can help you, call our team now on (02) 6288 4226.

Cool Pools

Pool Store & Pool Maintenance Professionals

The team here at Cool Pools of Canberra is always working hard to make sure we're the number 1 team for all pool supplies and services in Canberra.

Professional Service, Friendly Faces

Whenever we visit a customer to service their pool, the Cool Pools of Canberra team always makes sure to treat the pool as though it were their own. We provide above-and-beyond service to make sure all of our solutions are as cost-effective and efficient as they can be.

Years Of Experience

Our team is built from only the best talent available, and we have decades of combined pool experience from every member of our team. Considering those decades of experience, you can be sure that there is nothing that our team hasn't encountered in the past, no matter how complicated or unforeseeable.

Servicing All Of Canberra

Thanks to having one of the largest fleets in all of Canberra, we here at Cool Pools of Canberra can service any pool from Bonner in the north to Calwell in the south, and when you contact us, you can typically expect to see a technician at your pool within one day.

Superior Supplies And Equipment

We've managed to identify the best suppliers and equipment in the Australian pool industry over our many years of work. We make sure to pick and choose the best products for the job, and make sure that you can achieve superior value for money with each of your purchases.

Canberra's Leading Pool Shop

Cool Pools Of Canberra

As one of the leading pool shops in Canberra, Cool Pools of Canberra has been providing pool supplies and services to customers for quite some time. From Bonner to Calwell, we make sure all of our customers have access to up-to-date advice and leading service. Our two retail stores are located on the north side and the south side, and we have a large fleet of service vehicles to make sure all of your pool needs are being met.

Feel free to call our team on 02 6288 4226 or visit us in-store whenever you need help with your pools, whether it's servicing, pool equipment and supplies, or just pool chemicals - our team is always happy to help.


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